LINTEC Recognized Among Top 5 Global Automotive Label Suppliers

Mar 1, 2021 4:24:51 PM

LINTEC Automotive is proud to announce the inclusion of our brand in the Global Automotive Labels Market 2018-2022 report, which is available for purchase from Research and Markets.  The author of the report identifies LINTEC as one of only five “key players in the global automotive labels market,” and a leading vendor in the booming automotive industry.

The report is focused on the growth outlook and trending applications for today’s cutting edge automotive labels, as well as the market factors that are driving this growth.

Automotive Labels Are On the Rise. We’ll Lead the Way.

In-depth market analysis has shown that the automotive labels market continues to expand, and projections for 2018-2022 show a robust compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.61%.  Researchers calculated the market size from revenue generated from the use of different types of automotive labels, “including pressure sensitive labels, heat transfer labels, in-mold labels and other labels.”

LINTEC Automotive’s diverse lines of automotive PSAs serve purposes in both the vehicle interior and exterior, all the way from aesthetic to structural applications. However, it is our dynamic label core, backing, liner, and adhesive portfolio—including heat-resistant engine labels—that has positioned the company to adopt a valued leadership role in this growing market, according to inputs from industry experts in the report.

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Smart Labels and EVs Are Driving Growth

An analyst from the research team designated recent advancements in smart label technologies as a major growth driver through 2022 and beyond.  Automotive label suppliers, such as LINTEC Automotive, are capable of assisting automakers with integrating these tech-enabled tags into automotive assembly. The tags might store information for identifying products, tracking component origins and destinations, and other purposes (such as marketing).  For instance, NFC, QR, and RFID technologies can now “store basic information such as URLs, product serial numbers and related information that includes the manufacturing date,” as reported by the research team. 

Another major growth driver for automotive label suppliers is the parallel expansion of the global electric vehicle (EV) market and the general automotive market in emerging economies.  The report found that in 2016 and 2017 alone, the number of EVs grew by 150% worldwide (and the number of electric buses doubled) versus the previous two years. This has naturally resulted in the number of labels per vehicle rising to accommodate the greater number of electronic components, which require compliance with supply chain safety norms.

Maximize Your Value When Purchasing Labels

With the demand for automotive labels growing, it pays to take your time with supplier evaluation and make sure you’re maximizing the value in the purchase process.  Avoid costly mistakes when purchasing vehicle labels such as purchasing with a blind quote or overlooking research into the supplier’s reputation for customer satisfaction.

At the same time, stay vigilant for the most advanced adhesives and polymers that are making headway in extreme automotive environments, including the engine compartment. Heat-tolerant label polymers such as polyester, vinyl, and heat-stabilized PVC are cornerstone solutions, but there is equal or greater value to be gained from emerging technologies such as cellular, air-permeable labelstock that looks identical to traditional, smooth label polymers.  These ingenious solutions can solve for out-gassing on the problematic injection-molded thermoplastics that are now so common everywhere in the vehicle.

If you’re evaluating automotive label suppliers, give us a call. LINTEC has been recognized as a visionary leader for the depth of our product offering and focus on product innovation. Our team of experts at LINTEC Automotive would love to help you solve your next design challenge and add value to your project.

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