Protect Sales Margins With a More Efficient Vehicle Emblem Adhesive

Aug 12, 2020 8:49:52 AM

Getting lean on the production floor isn’t just about production efficiency—it’s about revenue. Every improvement increases sales margins and allows for more competitive pricing. The fierce competition in the automotive manufacturing industry ensures that every little bit counts. Shaving seconds from line times or pennies from per-unit expenses can add up to a real competitive advantage.

Take vehicle emblems, for example. The ratio of cure time to strength for liquid adhesives has improved drastically over the years, but it’s still nowhere near as efficient as a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. When it takes 10 or 15 minutes for a liquid adhesive to set—for every emblem you adhere—that creates a lot of bloat in line times. 

This is why the most popular emblem adhesive style today is a pressure sensitive adhesive tape, usually made with polyurethane or acrylic foam. Let’s examine how tapes help with margins and pricing.

Accelerate the Line

PSAs set instantaneously and cure completely in minutes (not hours or days). Liquid adhesives cost valuable time that could be better spent on the next step of the assembly process.

Some automakers choose rivets or clips to snap emblems into place for the same reason—they work immediately.  However, mechanical fasteners have other issues that have pushed automakers steadily further towards PSA solutions. Engineer Brian Cox explained one advantage of PSAs over fasteners to Assembly Magazine: “parts that are bonded together don’t need holes to be drilled or punched, and assemblers don’t need to measure torque or double-check fastening operations.”

These are extra steps you can eliminate by going with a simple emblem adhesive like a foam mounting tape. Only a pressure sensitive tape can solve for vibration/rattling, mixed thermal properties, consistent bond strength, and more at the same time as it pushes line times to the bare minimum.

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Simplify Training

Liquids need to be administered carefully and stored in controlled environments.  They also require more precautions and training to apply effectively (and safely). A tape is peel and stick. It’s intuitive, simple, and fast. The less your company needs to invest in training workers, the better the pricing margins will look on the other end of the assembly line.

Reduce Equipment

Safety equipment and application tools for liquid adhesives cost money. When you choose PSA tapes as your emblem adhesives, you don’t need to invest in these inefficient expenses. Simply peel off the backing and apply the die-cut adhesive to the emblem—no need for ventilation, applicators, protective gloves, cleanup tools, or anything else.

Use PSA Emblem Adhesives Inside and Out

Whereas liquids create some risk of damaging other components (especially cloth), a mounting tape is ideal for safe and quick adhesion to the automotive interior. Less accidental damage will improve margins and drive down costs.

There are a number of advantages of a PSA tape for both the automotive cabin and the exterior (where it’s more exposed to the elements):

  • It’s die-cuttable
  • Foam tapes provide a tight seal
  • Adheres to both HSA and LSE surfaces
  • Reduces NVH by dampening vibrations
  • Modern PSAs resist heat and UV damage well

Whether you’re using them for dashboard emblems, the hood, or anywhere else, the best vehicle emblem adhesives today are unquestionably foam mounting tapes. 

Interested in learning more? Contact LINTEC Auto today and we’ll be glad to talk with you about how our products can support your sales margins.

More Than a Quote: A Guide To Lintec Auto's RFQ