The 4 Hottest Trends in Electric Vehicle Design

Aug 29, 2022 8:10:00 AM

The skyrocketing popularity of electric vehicles is having a significant impact on the automotive design trends of the moment. While many of these trends most prominently feature in electric vehicles, we can expect to see cars of all kinds influenced by EV trends. Read on to learn more about how EVs are trending and what the future of EV design will look like.

Conceptual and Abstract Designs

Despite having been on the market for a few years now, in many ways, electric vehicles are the vehicles of the future. Their designs, particularly on the exterior of the vehicles, are trending toward a futuristic aesthetic with conceptual, abstract, and brutalist elements. The Honda Ridgeline EV concept and upcoming Tesla Cybertruck are two prime examples of this, each with a distinct appearance that is clearly inspired by the same industry trends. We can expect that electric vehicles will move away from the once-fashionable sleek curvature of sports cars and toward a look that includes many harsh lines and sharp edges.

Smart Car Features

Electric vehicles are a technological innovation in and of themselves and, as such, the automakers behind them and the buyers interested in them have a significant interest in introducing other technologies into the already cutting-edge EV design. Upcoming electric vehicles will hit the market with so-called “smart car” elements and features including biometric technology, automated smart visors, partial or complete self-driving capabilities, and even some augmented reality.

Many of these smart technologies have begun to roll out in both electric and gasoline-powered vehicles in the form of parking, back up, and accident prevention assistance systems. Because the EV consumer base is particularly interested in these kinds of features, automakers have incentive to focus the development and installation of smart capabilities on EVs.

Holistic Sustainability

One of the major selling points of electric vehicles is that they’re better for the environment than any car with a standard combustion engine. To appeal to the eco-conscious buyer, automakers will endeavor to make their vehicles the most environmentally-friendly option available on the EV market. In order to accomplish this, electric vehicle design is trending toward holistic sustainability. Automakers are seeking to curb the environmental impact of their vehicles by using less energy and fewer resources in the manufacturing process as well as including more eco-friendly assembly materials in the designs themselves. Expect upcoming EV models to be sold on the promise of sustainability even beyond the engine.

Innovative Use of Materials

Expect to see different materials used in the design and assembly of electric vehicles in the very near future—or typical materials used in new and inventive ways. Design trends like the use of automotive tape instead of traditional fasteners embrace efficiency and performance. Automakers are getting more creative and this is reflected in their use of materials.

Despite being a veteran fixture of the automotive industry, Lintec Auto is embracing these changes. Our cutting-edge automotive films, tapes, and adhesives can be utilized in a variety of creative ways in automotive assembly and transport. To learn more about our products and their applications, you can contact a member of our team.

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