What to Look for in a Car Paint Protection Film Supplier

Feb 1, 2023 1:44:00 PM

Car paint protection is an important aspect of the manufacturing process, protecting the value of the vehicles you produce. One area of concern for many manufacturers is how to protect car paint. One option to consider for new car paint protection is the use of a car paint protection film, which is the best way to protect car paint without damage to the paint and the color itself.

In the past, there have been issues with poor-quality car paint protective film yellowing, peeling, or cracking due to ultraviolet exposure. Fortunately, the science behind this form of protection for car paint has come a long way, making it the best way to protect new car paint. 

What to Look for in a Car Paint Protection Film Supplier

There are several car paint protection manufacturers with products on the market, but some may fall short of your needs and goals. Given the higher cost per unit of a vehicle, protecting each unit while it is in shipping and waiting on the car lot for purchase is important to realizing top profit margins for your business. But not all car paint protection film suppliers provide equal value to your enterprise. Here are a few of the top aspects to consider when looking at car paint protection film suppliers:

1) Are They Able to Produce to Your Demand?

If a company has an amazing product but can't keep up with demand, it will simply cause supply chain issues in the future. Walk away and find one that is able to keep up with your production needs, so that you can sell their product and yours more efficiently.

2) How Thick is Their Film?

In this situation, you'll want to use a product that falls somewhere in the middle and is not too thick and not too thin. Too thin and the film won't stand up to rocks and similar debris thrown up from the roadway. Too thick and it won't contour to your body geometry.

3) Do They Stand Behind Their Products?

Nothing can make a business relationship go south faster than a supplier that won't back you up when there's a problem. Make sure to ask what they'll do if their product starts to impact your brand due to a quality control issue.

4) Will the Film Work With Your Vehicles?

The vehicles you produce are unique to your brand, and they need car paint protection that will work with their styling and shape. For example, if you have a fairly heavy film and your vehicle has strong angles and geometric changes in the body, it may be difficult to work the film over these areas.

5) Is the Car Paint Protection Available in Needed Sizes?

It doesn't matter if it's the highest-quality film in the world if you can only get it in 4" wide rolls and you need to quickly cover the hood of a full-size truck. Make sure that the manufacturer can produce rolls in the lengths and widths that you need.

6) Is Their Product Self-Healing?

The issue that many consumers have with car paint protection film is that in the past, it would often shrink away from a cut or split. Fortunately, high-quality modern paint protection films are self-healing, preventing the edges of the cut from pulling away by healing across the cut by simple sun exposure.

By taking into consideration the car paint protection film supplier's capabilities and products, you'll be able to find the best possible match for your vehicles, ensuring that your brand doesn't suffer and that your customers find value in the paint protection film you provide. 

If you're looking for a quality car paint protection film supplier, LINTEC Automotive can help. With a long history in the industry and strong production capabilities, we only provide material to manufacturers, not small shops, so we know what you need. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, for specifications on our paint protection film products, or to get a quote on our materials.

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