4 Blogs for Auto Manufacturers to Follow

Jun 13, 2023 11:23:00 AM

We've compiled a short list of the most valuable news sources to meet the needs of most auto industry professionals. These four blogs represent some of the best knowledge in the automotive industry, so you can get all the details you need to stay up-to-date with trends, innovations, best practices, and more.

1. Automotive World

Established in 1992, Automotive World is part blog, part news magazine. It's fully focused on automotive industry manufacturers and professionals and doesn't cater to the consumer car enthusiast. The main magazine/blog provides articles, news, and trends, right on the front page, so it's easy to scan and see what topics are of interest to you. Since everything on the main page is current, you know you'll be getting the details you need to stay focused on where the industry is headed, not where it has been.

There are also special reports to explore, along with an OEM tracker, research, events, and webinars. With a tab for every focus area, it's easy to quickly navigate to the information you're looking for and find out what's new in several different automotive areas. With intuitive searching and the ability to see the trends and patterns for the future, this blog is a great choice for information.

2. LINTEC Automotive

When you need the latest auto industry news, you can find it through LINTEC's blog. There's a recap of news each month, but the blog offers much more than just a round-up of what's going on in the automotive world. As a manufacturer of automotive films, LINTEC is focused on the needs of suppliers and parts manufacturers throughout the auto industry.

That helps the company know what to offer in the way of quality information you can rely on. From paint protection to the supply chain, this blog covers it all. Electric vehicles are an area of focus, and with all the changes taking place in the auto world it's important to understand the impact. But EVs aren't the only topic, and there's plenty to explore with this well-established blog that showcases the pain points the industry deals with and addresses information on how to solve them for a better future.

3. Automotive Fleet

Automotive Fleet may be one of the more unique options for blogs in the automotive industry because it's actually three blogs in one. Market Trends, FleetTakes, and Driving Notes all link out to separate blog spaces, where professionals in the industry discuss trends and information that can help you stay up-to-date with current changes throughout the automotive manufacturing space.

FleetTakes is often the most relevant of the blogs for automotive manufacturers and suppliers because it focuses on the latest in automotive technology for transportation fleets. However, the other two blogs also have a lot of valuable resources and plenty of good information for anyone in the automotive industry who wants to stay up-to-date on all the latest commercial news.

4. IFS

IFS offers a site full of blogs and articles about technology and other innovation. The automotive section is written by industry experts who understand the challenges and concerns of manufacturers and suppliers. One of the most significant aspects of this blog is that the experts are located around the world, so the news is more broadly focused and provides unique insights.

From looking at digital technology to considering vehicle performance on the racetrack, this blog has something for everyone who's part of the automotive industry and interested in keeping up to date with its changes. The experts creating this blog are part of the managed services industry and work with auto manufacturers to provide ease and convenience in daily operations.

Having the right news and information sources is important when you need to stay prepared in a fast-moving industry. While there are many blogs and online magazines that cater to car enthusiasts and customers, it's important to make sure you're getting an industry-focused presence that understands your role in vehicle manufacturing, supply, and development.

Want to learn more about auto industry news, trends, and information? Keep yourself up-to-date with LINTEC Automotive.

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