June Automotive Industry News

Jun 1, 2023 9:00:00 AM

The latest auto industry trends are ever more focused on the EV world. The move from gasoline-powered to electric vehicles has taken the world by storm, and all the top automakers are moving forward with new designs, plans, and concepts to meet timelines that are — in some cases — being set by policymakers.

Here’s a roundup of the latest shifts and developments in the auto world.

Dealerships are Putting $5.5 Billion in EV Infrastructure

While it's no surprise that dealerships are putting a lot of money into the infrastructure around EVs, the amount is still a significant one. Newer franchise dealerships are the ones leading the way, but well-established dealerships also know they have to invest to stay relevant in the industry.

Manufacturers are making more EVs, and dealerships have to create the right infrastructure to make sure those EVs are properly supported. That's a big investment and will take time, but with the number of electric vehicles flooding the market, dealerships have to get ready as quickly as possible.

Ford and Tesla Make a Charging Station Deal

Another notable focus of recent automotive industry trends is the agreement Ford and Tesla have reached for the use of charging stations. Starting in 2024, Ford EV owners will have access to over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers throughout North America. Tesla has a proprietary charging port design that doesn't fit other EVs, and Ford is the first automaker to strike a deal.

One of the biggest hurdles for people trying to decide whether to buy an EV is access to charging stations, so this will help give Ford a big edge over its competition when it comes to where owners can charge their vehicles. Current Ford EVs will have an adapter that can be used with the Tesla stations, while 2025 and later EVs will be fitted with the Tesla port from the factory.

California is Working on a 2035 Gas-Powered Vehicle Ban

Not only are EVs a huge part of current automotive industry trends, but the State of California is working to make EVs the only option for the future. The goal is to ban new gasoline-powered vehicles from being sold in the state by 2035, which would require residents who buy a new car after that time to purchase an electric or plug-in electric hybrid vehicle.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has already approved the plan and has reached out to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with a request for approval. If approved, the state would require a waiver of the Clean Air Act and be allowed to start implementing rules for zero-emission vehicles beginning in 2026.

By 2035, no one in the state would be able to purchase a fully gas-powered vehicle, but the EPA and the Biden Administration may not be on board with the plan. The Administration has already stated that they're not comfortable setting a hard date for phasing out gas-powered vehicles, and the EPA has a public process for considering any waiver requests.

The World May Not be Ready for All-EV Just Yet

While California is trying to forge ahead with EV-only plans, the top scientists at Toyota are warning that pushing too hard for EVs too quickly might not be the best course of action. Consumers don't like to be forced into things or have their purchasing options narrowed too much. That could mean they'll hang onto their gas-powered vehicles longer, rather than make a change.

Electric vehicles are also relatively expensive, and may not be the best fit for the driving habits of everyone. Toyota's scientists suggest keeping hybrids around for a longer period of time and making them more attractive and affordable, which can encourage the switch without forcing consumers out of gasoline-powered options.

Another big part of the scientists' argument is that the move to EVs is going to take longer than people realize, and having hybrids and other options in the meantime will start bringing emissions down faster. There are current limitations on the resources to make EVs and their batteries. While those will eventually end, right now the need for gas-powered and hybrid vehicles is significant.

There's always something interesting going on in the world of vehicles. Need to know more about automotive industry trends and how they affect you? You can stay up to date with LINTEC Automotive today!

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