5 Automotive Protective Film Solutions for Manufacturers

Oct 12, 2023 12:13:00 PM

After the last few years, the automotive industry is finally getting back on track to pre-pandemic levels of manufacturing and sales. In fact, it looks like 2023 will close on a high note, with an estimated 15.3 to 15.4 million units sold, which is slightly above the forecast of 15 million for the year.

However, while manufacturing is ramping up, now is not the time for complacency. Demand is still high, and supply chain shortages and kinks are still getting smoothed out. So, manufacturers up and down the chain can't afford to lose inventory due to damage.

Cost-effective and efficient automotive protective films are counted on by Tier 1 suppliers, OEMs, and other partners in the supply chain to help keep auto parts in pristine condition. From the wheels to the interior of the vehicle, here are five options to ensure you don't waste time or resources repairing damages.

Paint Protection Film

Although the paint job is one of the last elements to go on a new car, it's also one of the most easily damaged. Since the paint is exposed to weather, debris, and other hazards, it can get scuffed, scratched, and worn quickly.

Paint protection automotive film is a quick and easy solution. You can apply it in minutes, and it will prevent most damage that can happen in transit. You can wrap individual parts or the entire car for added convenience.

Some of the highlights of paint protection film include:

  • No Residue
  • Nearly Invisible Finish
  • Protection From Chips and Scratches

At LINTEC Automotive, we can supply as much or as little of this film as necessary, so you can scale up or down quickly.

Wheel Protection Film

Automotive protective film doesn't just cover the chassis of the vehicle. The wheels are also susceptible to damage, particularly if new cars are driven onto trucks or into shipping containers.

Wheel protection films can help keep every component of the car in tip-top shape until it's ready to go on the lot at a dealership. Customers like to pay attention to the tires, so if there's damage (even minor scrapes), that could impact the sale price. As with paint protection film, this option is easy to apply and can work for all wheel sizes.

Mud Guards/Step Guards

The underside of the vehicle is most susceptible to damage, especially from various road conditions. Debris, mud, and other elements can damage and ruin the appearance of the bottom of the car almost immediately. One of the best ways to protect this area is with high-quality auto film solutions.

Standard mud or stepguards offer excellent protection during the shipping and delivery process. Then, once the vehicle is at the dealership, your clients can remove these films quickly and without any sticky or stubborn residue. The added peace of mind is worth the investment. Plus, using automotive film is much cheaper than repairing or re-painting the underside.

Interior Protection Film

Although the inside of the vehicle isn't exposed to the elements, it can also experience damage or blemishes at various points within the automotive supply chain. So, adding different protection films to the interior makes sense, particularly for high-end vehicles with expensive materials and components.

One example of an interior protection film is a dashboard label or finish that helps protect against UV damage. LINTEC Automotive also offers decorative films that add an extra layer of protection while looking incredible.

Windshield Film

Windshield automotive protective film helps prevent UV damage and strengthens the glass itself. Chips and cracks are much less likely when there's an added barrier on top. These films can stay on the windshield, too, so that customers don't have to worry as much about repairs and replacements later on. This peace of mind will help your clients boost their sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Get Your Automotive Protective Film Today

Each piece of the automotive supply chain is essential, so setbacks and delays can cause massive disruptions throughout the process. Don't wait for something to happen—be proactive and protect your car parts with film from LINTEC Automotive. Contact us to find out more about these products and how they can be a valuable investment for your business.

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