5 Considerations When Manufacturing Automotive Films

Mar 22, 2023 11:00:38 AM

Part of the challenge of being in the automotive industry is the constant demand for high-quality parts and labor. When it comes to automotive film, it has to perform under strict conditions in various situations, such as treating windows, protecting parts, and bonding pieces together. Fortunately, when manufacturing automotive parts and assembling them, LINTEC Automotive film offers superior results. Here are five factors you may consider when choosing a film for your next project.

Film Quality

First and foremost, automotive film has to withstand significant demands while out in the field. Examples can include substantial temperature fluctuations, long-term UV radiation, and corrosion from both chemicals and road salt. Low-quality film will break down or peel off quickly, forcing you or your clients to come back for repairs sooner rather than later.

So, you want to choose an automotive film manufacturer with a proven track record within the industry. Ideally, you can test a sample yourself to ensure it can face environmental and chemical hazards while still protecting the various parts. If you're using film for bonding automotive pieces, you have to verify that the bond will hold, even when bombarded with UV rays, hot temperatures, and various corrosive materials.


Another challenge of working within the automotive industry is that the market fluctuates regularly. With new cars being built all the time, new designs are part of the production process. We understand that engineers and managers need to adapt to changing specs while also being able to work on older models.

The right automotive film can either be custom-made to fit specific projects (i.e., window treatments or surface adhesives) and materials. Ideally, you can use the same film on glass, metal, plastic, and other surfaces instead of having to buy separate products for each component. Not only will this approach save time during the manufacturing process, but it can cut down on costs.

Ease of Use

With low-quality automotive film, the application process is tricky and time-consuming. In many cases, you have to have precision handling to ensure the film bonds correctly and covers the entire surface. If you make a mistake, you have to start all over or risk ruining the entire piece.

Automotive adhesive film is even more of a challenge because it can create such an intense bond once it attaches to the surface material. In some cases, you may only have one shot, so you don't want to fumble with flimsy materials or complicated procedures. The easier it is to use the film, the better the results and the happier your clients.


We're living in a world where the supply chain can experience disruptions for a wide array of reasons. Within the automotive industry, suppliers, dealers, and manufacturers are all feeling the squeeze. So, even if you've used the same supplier for years, costs may still go up because of unforeseen circumstances.

So, when manufacturing automotive parts, you want a reliable film supplier that can offer a wide selection of customized treatments. Whether you're trying to protect your parts from environmental damage or make them scratch-resistant, you shouldn't have to pay a ton for high-quality adhesives and protective coatings. Fortunately, we offer competitive pricing and we can also provide recycled films to help you reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Market Demand

The automotive industry has to be adaptable because of changing consumer demands, regulatory adjustments, and supply chain issues. As a manufacturer, you already recognize that the market can shift rapidly and significantly with little warning. So, you need a supplier that can anticipate these shifts, so you don't experience disruptions or shortages when ordering automotive film. Otherwise, you can't fulfill orders or ship parts unprotected, putting you in a bind.

Fortunately, LINTEC Automotive is one of the largest automotive film producers in the world, so we're highly adaptable to market fluctuations. No matter how you need to adjust your order, we'll be ready to accommodate your specific needs.

Get Your Automotive Film From LINTEC Automotive

Part of choosing the right automotive film for your project is knowing how the manufacturing process affects the product itself. At LINTEC Automotive, we're committed to producing the best products for our clients, so they don't experience any disruptions or setbacks because of low-quality materials. If you're interested in seeing how our film works in action, contact us, and we can discuss our various products and how they can assist your business.

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