Applications for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives in the Auto Industry

Mar 7, 2022 8:30:00 AM

A pressure-sensitive adhesive is a nonreactive variety of adhesive which forms a bond with a surface following the application of pressure. Their lack of need for solvent, water, or heat during application makes pressure-sensitive adhesives extraordinarily versatile. Within this category of adhesive, there are many subtypes with a wide variety of potential use cases.

Anti-Vibration Foam

Foam tapes are a straightforward, cost-effective solution for dampening vibrations in a vehicle that, in recent years, automakers have leveraged in place of older anti-vibration technologies such as altered component designs or stiffening ribs. Anti-vibration foam films are a much more flexible solution than older alternatives; they can adhere to all manner of challenging surfaces. They reduce NVH and offer a wide variety of benefits to any automotive design. These include:

  • Cushioning the impact of a slammed door
  • Reducing tactile vibrations from parts such as knobs, emblems, dials, and console lids.
  • Strengthening bonds between dissimilar materials
  • Limiting long-term degradation to vehicle parts caused by friction from vibrations
  • Preventing damage from sudden jolts while a vehicle is in motion
  • Shielding from heat emitted from sunlight or a hardworking engine
  • Closing gaps between uneven surfaces

Black PSA Tapes

Pressure-sensitive automotive adhesives also have some cosmetic applications. Some parts of the vehicle are difficult to finish with paint. Those tough-to-reach components can instead be covered with black PSA tapes. These center pillars and door sashes are a black paint substitute that closely replicate the real thing! You can get that sleek finish everywhere, even trim and narrow-body elements around the vehicle’s windows. The thickness and surface finish, matte or gloss, can be custom-catered to any project.

Stripe Tape

Stripe tape is another cosmetic application of pressure-sensitive adhesives. Stripe tape replicates body paint without covering the entire exterior surface of the automotive or motorcycle body. Instead, it can be used to create designs for the purposes of trim, decoration, or branding. These permanent marking films don’t need to be renewed or replaced, are easy to apply, and save days in cycle times. You can enjoy abundant color variations for a superior appearance on the exteriors of vehicles and motorcycles.

Wheel Protection Film

This temporary pressure-sensitive adhesive defends metal wheels from all manner of damage, scratches, and corrosion. They’re convenient to apply, durable for their use period, and easy to peel off without leaving any adhesive residue once it’s time to remove them. The polyethylene provides a shield from moisture and substances like rain, road salt, oil, and other contaminants. Prolonged contact with dissimilar metals could also cause galvanic corrosion on unguarded wheels. These films offer the wheel long-lasting protection until the vehicle is ready for sale, when it will be pristine.

Lintec Auto is an Automotive Adhesives Industry Leader

At Lintec Auto, we offer an extensive range of pressure-sensitive adhesive products for all kinds of cosmetic, protective, design, and functional purposes and applications. Get in touch with us to learn about the powerful, cost-effective automotive adhesives we offer.

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