4 Types of Automotive Transport Protection Film

Feb 28, 2022 12:22:47 PM

When you’re transporting a vehicle or automotive parts, you risk it sustaining damage during transit. Shipping isn’t gentle and you need to protect your product. Automotive transport protection films are an easy, cost-effective way to do that.

An auto protective film can be permanent or temporary. In the case of transport protection, the films tend to be temporary. These are 4 kinds of automotive transport protection films you can use to preserve your products.

Auto Protective Film for Wheel Shipment

Whether you’re trying to impress a discerning OEM or a potential buyer at a dealership, you want your aluminum wheels to be shiny and flawless, free of scratches, dings, and corrosion. However, there are so many points during the life cycle of a wheel when it faces risks of damage. From assembly to packaging to shipping to stocking, wheel protection films serve as a barrier to shield against damage and corrosion.

These temporary auto protective films are stuck to the wheels using intelligent adhesive technology that allows the films to remain securely fastened to a wheel for as long as it’s needed—and then to be peeled away easily and without leaving any sticky, shine-dulling residue. When shipping aluminum wheels, temporary wheel protection films are a must.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) is a type of auto protective film that is sometimes referred to as clear bra. It’s a protective membrane of elastomeric polymers, usually urethane-based, that protects painted surfaces on the automotive body. PPF can be used to protect the entire vehicle or can be applied to specific auto parts that are at higher risk for sustaining damage. PPF is perfectly transparent and can even self-heal with nothing but heat from natural sunlight. This means that not only does PPF protect the paint from scratches, but when the film itself sustains a scratch, it will self heal as soon as it’s exposed to sunlight.

Bumper Protection Film

Auto protective films that are concentrated to the bumper are another great subset of automotive protection films. Bumper protection films are stripes made from cutting-edge cellular film laminates, which are a composite of two layers—an air-permeable top layer and a micro-channeled surface base. These bumper stripes allow thermoplastic outgasses to pass through easily without bubbling or peeling. They’re a cost-effective way to protect one of the most damage-prone exterior automotive parts.

Mud and Step Guards

These self-healing, water-resistant films protect high-risk areas of the automotive exterior against the threats of corrosion, chips, and scratches. The guards have been updated to reflect the newest ionomer urethane technologies. They’re not only transparent and immune to yellowing (even after prolonged sun exposure), they’re also incredibly durable to all varieties of extreme weather conditions. What’s more, they have shock absorption capabilities that help them protect vehicles on several levels. Many folks won’t think to use a mud guard or step guard, but they can be a powerful value-add.

At Lintec Auto, we offer carefully crafted, high-quality custom shipping protection films for cars, trucks, and SUVs. To begin protecting your vehicles with the world’s easiest value-add, get in touch with our team of protective film experts today!

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