Need a Chemical-Resistant Overlaminate For Labels in the Engine Bay?

Nov 24, 2020 11:40:23 AM

Chemicals and solvents will constantly threaten the legibility and longevity of your automotive labels in the harsh environment of the engine bay. Adhesives in this area are already challenged by intense heat, rapid fluctuations in temperature, challenging surface conditions, grime, and more. It takes a resilient core material, an industrial-grade adhesive, and a chemical-resistant overlaminate for labels in the engine compartment to survive.

Chemical-Resistant Overlaminates For Labels With LINTEC Auto

Our custom overlaminates make it possible for LINTEC Automotive labels to withstand exposure to harsh industrial chemicals and solvents while remaining permanently adhered to components and meeting stringent OEM specifications.

When you work with LINTEC, we’ll discuss the following priorities in assembling the perfect chemical-resistant overlaminate for labels in your project:

First, Options For the Label’s Adhesive Layer:

The base of the label is a resilient adhesive layer with excellent shear strength and resistance to heat and chemicals. There are several options, including:

  • A permanent-strength solvent acrylic
  • High-tack acrylic adhesives (for low surface energy substrates)
  • Void/tamper-evident adhesives (for legally required warnings and data)
  • Removable/temporary and residue-free adhesives
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Most engine labels will fall into the first two categories, but the specifics of your project will dictate the proper choice. Many automotive engine labels prize high shear strength on low surface energy substrates, powder coatings, and oily metals, across a spectrum of temperatures that may exceed 250°F. We manufacture labels suitable to all manner of substrates, from smooth and powder-coated surfaces to cast metal, curved, or textured components. 

Second, Materials For the Core/Backing of the Automotive Label:

The printed label backing or facestock must remain clear and legible even in harsh conditions.  We use materials with optimal resistance to corrosive chemicals and solvents such as ethanol, acetone, oil, fuel, and other fluids contained within or used to clean the engine area. You can also be sure that your label cores will never darken or fade in the heat ranges of the automotive engine bay. Labels from LINTEC Automotive are ideal for:

  • Warning/caution labels for motors and engines
  • Pumps, valves, hoses, and gasket components
  • Electronic equipment
  • Automotive component ID labels
  • VECI labels

We supply convenient labels die-cut to nearly any shape and size requirements. Our team of technicians will be happy to advise you on materials that will match strict specifications and application goals.

Third, the Chemical-Resistant Overlaminate For Labels:

With the adhesive and backing in place, it’s time to determine the perfect chemical-resistant overlaminate for your engine bay project. LINTEC Automotive will custom-design your label laminate for the threats and conditions it will face across years of life on the road.

We offer high-quality chemical-resistant overlaminate for labels that will:

  • Retain transparency and preserve text legibility
  • Resist UV exposure and prevent color fading
  • Withstand weathering, scuffs, and abrasions
  • Remain bonded to labels in high temperatures without peeling
  • Continue performing for years through exposure to chemicals, oil, and fuel

Our film overlaminates (in polyester and other polymers) provide superior quality at an affordable price. Work with LINTEC Automotive for a premier customer service experience with a collaborative, responsive supplier of automotive labels for the engine bay.

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