How Anti-Chipping Tapes Improve the Overall Quality of Your Design

May 29, 2019 12:04:45 PM


When it comes to design quality, automotive tapes are not likely to be the first thing to come to mind.  Nonetheless, they are often the unsung heroes that make the most significant difference in modern automotive design.  From protective aluminum wheel films, to harness tapes, to pressure-sensitive structural adhesives, to paint replacement films, they’re everywhere.  Tapes can dampen vibrations, rigidify the vehicle, and aid in lightweighting.  But that’s only the beginning.Consider the many advantages of anti-chipping tape.  These protective, transparent tapes have become a critical component in quality automotive design.  Designed to keep an exterior paint job magnificent and sleek in unpredictable driving conditions, year in and year out, anti-chipping tapes have numerous features that enhance the overall quality of your design.

Extraordinary Weatherability

Cars are works of art, but they aren’t meant to sit in showrooms.  Years on the open road will expose a vehicle to harsh conditions—snow, ice, salt, rain, sand, oils, fluctuating temperatures, and more.  A quality anti-chipping tape not only helps your car to survive these rigors of the outdoors but will stay reliably adhered in all weather conditions.  

Synthetic PVC and polyurethane films feature acclaimed weatherability that has led to wide-ranging applications as protective tapes and films in the automotive industry.  Drivers on rocky, muddy roads are already focused on being careful with their safety, and the last thing on their mind should be the effects of the weather on their paint job.  Anti-chipping tapes make all those worries fade away—a hallmark of quality design.

An Invisible Shield

There are many ways you could protect a vehicle with additional plastic guards, shielding panels, rugged trims/moldings, or other thick, noticeable coverings.  A chief advantage of a quality-boosting protective tape is its subtlety. You don’t need to adjust your vision or compromise the aesthetics of your design to achieve excellent quality.  Rely on transparent, low-profile anti-chipping tapes to do the same job while letting the color of a beautiful paint job shine right through.

Your Parts, More Value

It used to require a certain caliber of expensive, rigid base materials to promise toughness in your design.  However, the same parts you’re using today for bumpers and body panels—whether plastic, composite, aluminum, or something else—can dial up their durability with an application of anti-chipping tape that protects the surface from the incidental hazards of the road.

Why weigh down the vehicle with additional steel, or invest in pricey damage-resistant paint treatments, when an easy-to-apply, long-lasting tape can give you the same peace of mind at a fraction of the cost?  Paint protection tapes are an economical solution, even as they boost the value of your vehicle.

Luster With Longevity

No matter how spectacular it looked when it was brand new, unprotected automotive paint degrades over time under completely ordinary driving circumstances due to incidental abrasions and debris kicked up on the road.  The perceived quality of the vehicle degrades with it.

With anti-chipping tapes protecting high-impact areas like rocker panels and front fascia from chips or scratches, your vehicle’s sheen will be preserved for many years of active driving.  A robust automotive protection film can lock in the luster of the paint—even in high-risk areas—whether the car is fresh out of the factory or a well-loved family vehicle.

If you think you could benefit from these traits in your design, get in touch with a supplier to learn more about how anti-chipping tapes can easily and quickly improve the quality of automotive parts.

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