How Protective Tapes Keep Automotive Flooring Materials in Perfect Condition

May 29, 2019 12:17:24 PM


Other than that infectious “new car” smell, the most pleasant sensation in a brand new vehicle is easily the perfect, immaculate glow of an untouched interior.  That fresh first impression can be challenging to preserve for every potential buyer when car floors are intended to be trodden upon—but critical to the quality of the car.  Protective tapes can make a huge difference.

There’s a reason that vacuuming is the first and most crucial step of detailing a car’s interior.  The perceived value and quality of the vehicle are directly tied to its cleanliness and the condition of the parts that are most altered by use—like flooring materials.  CNN reports that for cars worth more than $40,000 (as many new vehicles are), “the difference between super-clean and dirty could be thousands of dollars” in the car’s perceived value.  

Even before the vehicle is sold, those floor mats have got to survive initial shipping, installation, dealers positioning the car in the lot, test drives, and more. Fortunately, there are many effective, reliable, and affordable ways that protective tapes with no-hassle removal can maintain the perfect condition of your automotive flooring materials until they pass to the consumer’s control.

Dirt and Moisture Guard

Car floor liners and mats are designed for comfort and ruggedness, but their soft or grooved surfaces collect dirt, sand, gravel, salt, and anything else that the soles of our feet carry into a vehicle.  Vacuuming is time-consuming, but 20% of all car detailing customers are actually dealers.  

Minimize unnecessary expenses with a preventative solution that protects your flooring materials from the start. Durable, smooth, plastic protective tapes perfectly seal the substrate away from moisture or granules, so that nothing can soak into the flooring materials until the tape is removed.

Reliably Adhered Until the Sale

A reliable, residue-free adhesive layer allows protective tapes to stick securely to flooring materials from the moment it is first applied, and stay in place until it is deliberately peeled away.  If kept in place while a new vehicle is being maneuvered and test driven, it will hold up to foot traffic until purchase. While safeguarding materials stocked in the warehouse, it will remain strong through fluctuating temperatures.

When it does come time to reveal the perfectly preserved surface of the floor mat, the adhesive on the protective tapes will peel away without leaving any sign of its presence—no mess, no stickiness, no discoloration.

Convenient Clarity

Unlike paper liners, sleeves, or other opaque packaging, a clear protective film lets you see the color and condition of the flooring materials even as it remains safe from soil or accidental scarring.  This helps with sorting and stocking, and can also make vehicle showings more attractive if the tapes are kept in place before a final sale. Customers will appreciate that the flooring materials have retained their perfect condition, and also that they can see the full aesthetic of the vehicle.

Accident Prevention

Soil is not the only threat to new flooring materials.  Scrapes and abrasions can damage mats as early as packaging and shipping, due to unforeseen hazards while moving around a factory or warehouse.  For example, a strong, scratch-resistant polymer film could help to ward off accidental gouges from utility knives or oil stains from an employee’s hands.  Such a barrier preserves the value of unsold products and minimizes losses due to accidental damage.

Learn More Today

It takes time and dedication to build a reputation for providing top-notch flooring materials.  Learn more about how protective tapes can be the insurance that preserves that reputation by consulting with a supplier today.

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