3 Automotive Film Market Predictions for 2022

Feb 28, 2022 12:22:34 PM

The automotive industry has faced immense challenges and significant market disruptions over the course of the pandemic. Despite this, the automotive films industry has exhibited growth and is projected to continue to do so. Looking ahead at the many months remaining in 2022, we can only predict further growth and development.

1. Automotive Industrial Tapes

In 2022 and beyond, we’re predicting a move away from metal fasteners and toward automotive industrial tapes. Automotive lightweighting needs to be more than just aluminum bodies. Synthetic and mixed materials are the next step. Automotive industrial tapes are not only lightweight, but they also address many of the logistical difficulties that arise when mixed materials are used in automotive manufacturing. Mixed material manufacturing can pose structural problems that are cause for safety concerns. Industrial tapes provide a security and durability advantage that remediates those issues in a way that metal fasteners cannot compete with. Coupled with their low cost, vibration dampening effects, and stress distribution abilities, it’s obvious that automotive industrial tapes are on the rise.

2. Protective Shipping Films

Custom protective shipping films for cars, trucks, and SUVs have historically been an underutilized resource in the larger automotive industry. However, due to the disruptions to the global supply chain over the course of the last two years, including the very limited number of available freight containers and the spiking prices, the way that we ship goods is changing. Automobiles and automotive parts are particularly important to protect during shipping due not only to their expense but also the specificity of their applications. With custom protective shipping films, automakers can choose the thickness, transparency, adhesive strength, and chemical resistance. We predict that by the end of 2022, the automotive film industry will see an increased degree of reliance on custom protective shipping films.

3. Cosmetic Films

In 2022 and beyond, the automotive film market is liable to see a slow but steady increase in the use of cosmetic exterior auto body films as an alternative to automotive paint. Like so many other market trends in this industry and beyond, this will be influenced by pandemic related disruptions to the supply chain and the economy. Between limited production capacity, raw material shortages, and limited purchasing power for companies and end-users alike, everyone is looking for convenient and cost-effective alternatives to the ways things have been done before. The replacement of vehicular paint with self-healing, protective, weather-resistant decorative auto films is only a natural result of the larger market trends.


The automotive industry at large is at a turning point. Between the push for electric vehicles, the microchip shortage, and the muddled supply chain, we’re going to see interesting changes in 2022 and beyond. To get ahead of the curve with game-changing automotive films, tapes, and adhesives, get in touch with our team at Lintec Auto today.

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