6 Quick Wins That Improve Tier 1 Auto Sales to OEMs

Apr 4, 2024 1:34:36 PM

The automotive supply chain is complex, with deep layers of suppliers and manufacturers working in concert. The Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are the backbone of the industry, but they still rely on a broad network of individual vendors to bring each vehicle component together.

If you're part of this chain, you must build a strong relationship with these OEMs. Adhesive films from LINTEC Automotive can give you a competitive edge. Let's break down why these adhesives can make you an integral part of the OEM supply chain and which options can work best in your favor.

Why Automotive Adhesives Help Boost Tier 1 Auto Sales

No matter where you are in the supply chain, environmental and financial factors will both play into your decision-making. For example, when parts get damaged en route to the factory, such limitations can derail your business and make it harder to compete.

Protective, cost-efficient solutions such as automotive shipping films can alleviate these concerns and put your company in the driver's seat. But how do they do this exactly?

  • Cost Savings: Adding a protective automotive adhesive film is much cheaper than using other protective coverings or practices. Plus, the film stays on the part throughout the journey, reducing the overall labor necessary.
  • Customizability: Color and pattern preferences can vary based on the manufacturer, the vehicle make and model, and the customer demographic. With these films, you can produce and sell customized parts in preferred colors and patterns, on demand, rather than devote the time and expense to less cost-effective materials or equipment.
  • Ease of Use: Applying automotive film can be tricky, especially if you only have one chance to get it right. LINTEC Automotive films are much more forgiving, ensuring a lower learning curve and less wasted material.

Six Unique Options From LINTEC Automotive

Exterior Emblems

Adding three-dimensional emblems or markers to the outside of a vehicle used to be expensive and time-consuming. Plus, if there was a mistake, the entire part could be ruined, forcing you to eat those costs.

Now, you can print 3D emblems on a black or transparent substrate film and apply them wherever you need it. Since the film is so thin and won't peel or fade, it will blend into the vehicle's facade and look like it was printed directly on the part.

Decorative Interior Finishes

Materials like wood grain, leather, or glossy metallic finishes in the car interior can be costly and tricky to install. Adhesive films are a suitable replacement that comes in at a much lower price point and offers incredible design flexibility.

Now, you can update the look of a vehicle's interior without changing the manufacturing process. Plus, you can offer OEMs an easy way to test the results of multiple finishes, making it easier to finalize the best option in less time with less investment.

Wheel Protective Film

Wheels can experience wear and tear even within the supply chain, before they hit pavement. Protective film helps keep the wheels in pristine condition from the factory to the car lot. These films are virtually invisible, yet strong enough to repel scratches, dents, debris, and stains. When your wheels are safeguarded from threats in shipping, it can be a competitive advantage on bids for work, since OEMs know they can count on you to deliver safely.

Black PSA Tape

Some parts of the vehicle are hard to paint, so someone usually has to go in and paint these sections manually. Unfortunately, this process is time-consuming and costly, especially with mass production.

A paint replacement PSA tape can help cover these bare areas, and it's a much cheaper option that’s easier to deploy in production and use on parts than an involved painting process. For example, you can finish door sashes and center pillars in a fraction of the time and still get the color to match perfectly. This makes your parts more cost-effective and attractive to OEMs looking protect their bottom line.

Protective Film for Interior Screens

Modern vehicles have multiple interior screens, including the dashboard, center console, and even the rearview mirror. Protective film can help prevent scratches and other marks, all without interfering with customer interactions. Best of all, the film is thin and doesn't bubble or peel over time.

Stripe Tape

Colored stripes can enhance the look of a vehicle. A strategic selection of stripe tapes in different colors and thicknesses widens your design options and can help to smooth the sales process with OEMs who enjoy customizable parts. Best of all, the stripe adhesive is just as durable and long-lasting as traditional automotive paint.

Supercharge Your OEM Sales With Films From LINTEC Automotive

As an OEM supplier, it's imperative to build and maintain a strong relationship with your partners. These adhesive films allow you to be more adaptable and accommodating, all without increasing labor and material costs. Contact us today to learn more about our film options and how they can improve your tier 1 auto sales.

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