8 Selling Points of Temporary Auto Protection Films

Jul 15, 2020 5:11:37 PM

Temporary auto protection films can safeguard both the interior and exterior surfaces of automobiles prior to sale. Commonly made from a thin polyethylene backing coupled with a surface-appropriate adhesive layer, these transparent automotive protective films are simple to use and quick to dispose of when the work is done. In the meantime, you get reliable resistance to weather, contaminants, and abrasions. 

Automotive films inside the vehicle can protect dash elements, mirrors, seats, or flooring materials. Temporary exterior films often wrap a car body or protect sensitive aluminum wheels for shipping to the dealership.  Even when on the lot, auto protection films can continue to defend the vehicle until it’s ready for display or test drives.

And they’ll help you sell, too. Here are some of the advantages of using auto protection films to preserve the vehicle for interested customers:

1. Cost-Effective

Dealers love how much films save on cleaning and maintaining pre-sale vehicles. Films applied before shipping keep the vehicle in pristine condition for a minimal cost compared to the time and effort it takes to wash, vacuum, and take care of a whole fleet of vehicles on the sales lot. Vacuuming is time-consuming, but 20% of all car detailing customers are actually dealers.    

2. Easy to Apply

As pressure-sensitive adhesives, auto protection films are as simple as peel and stick. They barely impact assembly and packaging time but ensure the lasting value of the product for your buyers. 

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3. Residue-Free

Ready to sell? Peel them off and throw them away. Auto protection films use specially formulated adhesive layers that can adhere to cloth, metal, plastic, leather, glass, or whatever substrates are necessary without shifting or peeling—until you want them removed. Then they peel away easily without leaving any residue or requiring any special cleanup.

4. Ensure Safe Packing, Shipping, and Assembly

There are many hazards in the vehicle transportation process from factory to seller. Rain, mud, salt, ice, and other weather conditions can impact the vehicle's exterior. In addition, packaging and shipping elevate the risk of abrasions that would mar a perfect paint job or nick your flawless aluminum wheels. Ensure the integrity of your auto parts.

5. Fewer Factory Rejects or Replacement Costs

With less damage before a sale, you’ll suffer fewer costly rejects and make fewer replacement shipments—not to mention reducing the chance of dissatisfied customers.

6. Transparent Protection

Auto protection films can be transparent, unlike paper, cloth, or foam solutions. This allows you (and your buyers) to protect components while still being able to see the product. 

7. More Reliable Than Paper or Foam

Plastic films form a more reliable seal from weather, moisture, and the elements than paper or foam. They’re also more resilient in the face of punctures and abrasions.

8. Guarantee Products Live Up to Specifications

Your reputation as a manufacturer or seller of auto parts depends upon consistent quality. Temporary auto protection films are a simple way to help guarantee your products live up to high-quality standards and stringent OEM specifications.

There’s no doubt about it—auto protection films are worth the investment for the eight reasons above and many more. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about what temporary protection films can do for you.

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