How EV Trends Are Influencing Internal Combustion Engine Car Designs

Nov 10, 2022 9:28:18 AM

There’s no question that EV cars and EV manufacturing is changing the world. The rise of electric vehicles and the popularity of this type..

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Best Automotive Adhesives for the EV Engine Bay

Jul 20, 2022 11:49:46 AM

Electrification of the automotive industry is having a huge impact on the adhesives market. The EV body experiences many of the same..

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Need a Chemical-Resistant Overlaminate For Labels in the Engine Bay?

Nov 24, 2020 11:40:23 AM

Chemicals and solvents will constantly threaten the legibility and longevity of your automotive labels in the harsh environment of the..

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How High-Performance Auto Labels Cope with Challenging Surfaces

Nov 20, 2019 8:35:59 AM

Auto labels are often tasked with bonding to extremely challenging surfaces. Consider the engine compartment, which is prone to extreme..

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5 Qualities You Want in Harness Tape for Your Engine Bay

Jul 26, 2019 9:34:34 AM

Harness tapes are more than just tape—they are tasked with the delicate, critical job of wire harness protection. It’s essential to secure..

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The Best Automotive Label Materials for Use in the Engine Compartment

Jun 24, 2019 9:05:00 AM

The engine bay is a tricky design problem for automotive labels. The engine compartment gets grimy, and temperatures can rapidly fluctuate..

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