5 Innovative Materials Used in Electric Vehicle Assembly and Design

Nov 18, 2022 5:09:00 PM

Over the course of the last decade, in particular, electric vehicles have been a prime example of the power of innovation in a wide range..

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8 Uses for Automotive Adhesives, Films, and Tapes in Electric Vehicles

Nov 10, 2022 9:49:39 AM
As consumers move towards electric vehicles (EV) at increasing rates, there is increasing development in this industry. A big part of the..
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How EV Trends Are Influencing Internal Combustion Engine Car Designs

Nov 10, 2022 9:28:18 AM

There’s no question that EV cars and EV manufacturing is changing the world. The rise of electric vehicles and the popularity of this type..

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A Brief History of Electric Vehicles

Oct 5, 2022 12:48:03 PM

Today, we look at electric vehicles as a modern innovation that reimagines what an automobile can be and how it can be powered. This,..

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles

Oct 5, 2022 9:42:10 AM


If you’re considering purchasing an EV for the first time, it’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles..

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The 4 Hottest Trends in Electric Vehicle Design

Aug 29, 2022 8:10:00 AM

The skyrocketing popularity of electric vehicles is having a significant impact on the automotive design trends of the moment. While many..

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Why EV Popularity is Rising as Electric Vehicle Technology is Changing

Aug 22, 2022 12:27:26 PM

In recent years, the popularity of electric vehicles has risen sharply. More electric cars were sold in each week of 2021 than in all of..

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After EV: Self-Driving Cars and Other Automotive Innovations

Aug 2, 2022 9:54:25 AM


The automotive industry has recently seen the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles, which are becoming increasingly popular with..

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Best Automotive Adhesives for the EV Engine Bay

Jul 20, 2022 11:49:46 AM

Electrification of the automotive industry is having a huge impact on the adhesives market. The EV body experiences many of the same..

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How EV is Shaping the Future of the Automotive Industry

Jul 12, 2022 12:58:13 PM

Since its inception, the automotive industry has been constantly evolving to incorporate new technologies and meet shifting consumer..

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